how to improve your credit card score | how to improve your credit card score

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April 2016 It’s not the usual blah, blah, blah Credit Repair New Credit – 10 % Security What is a Good Faith Estimate? We work with over 300 different mortgage lenders nationwide to ensure you have the best options for your new home.
Aviso Get Pre-Qualified Aug 05, 2016 Help for Victims Get a FREE credit repair consultation from Lexington Law, the leading firm in the industry by calling: elaeo Another way to see your credit reports is to use a free service like Credit Karma. (I’m not endorsing Credit Karma. I like it and think it’s handy, but I’m sure other free services are just as useful.)
248 People Helped  Best way to get 100 points in 6 months to a year. If starting from scratch is to go to get your free annual credit reports from all three agencys and dispute all errors from exspired bad history to mispelled personal information to jobs 20 years ago. first one and hardest to hit is equifax you may be disputing there information for years. But once reports are cleaned up. You will notice a spike in three months. Get two secure bank card with no annuals fees backed bye a savings account from a bank. rotate months using them. A credit card gives points more often than a loan ever will. That and some banks after 6 months of good usage turn the secured cards into regular credit cards. as for six month no take 3 months just for every one to update every one else. Now if you go annual fee cards at the end of six month apply for no annual fee cards. like barclays. Now this is the part most people will argue. You got to trash your credit to build your credit. No you don’t ask for credit increases once your score gone up enough you flat out apply for new credit lines. You don’t do online applications you talk to some one in chat or on the phone. you describe your situation to them and ask them what is the best card for your credit score and history. If they give you annual fee secured card hang up. If they say they don’t know hang up. Any one who know there job can ask you a few simple questions and pretty much tell you which of there cards to apply for or none of them. Now in your first few years of building new credit you are going to get a lot of hard hits and if your shopping for best rates and limits you should be. You got to trash one side of your credit to build the other side. hard hits for deceint lenders. PS I did 100 points in a year after a bankrupcy brough on from disability. But after 2 years I suggest one hard inquiry every six months and start droping cards you dont want as you get better ones but keep your oldest account. for a good credit history you got to have twenty plus accounts current and closed and in good standing. And dont be late on not one payment. As for getting credit limit increase on a card. depends on the lender if they stuck at 500 limit after a year you got to charge it up and pay it off in a few days. if they give generous increase then stay in ten percent utilization. As for charging up the 500 dollar one. make sure its withing 10 percent of your over all credit. Most people with bad credit score all make their payments on time. But they seldom upgrade their cards,negotiate better apr.when a bank says you need a co signer they never ask why. I refuse to use a co signer myself thats like linking bad credit with good credit to bring the good one down. thinking I buy a 30k car every 3 years. That shows bank tied up money or over extended. Home paid off tells lenders new roof,remodeling insulation just because house is paid off doesnt mean it isnt a expense. people got to realize equality and revolving credit are based differently. equality is on what you have. revolving is on what you can spend and pay off
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7 Ways Fixing Bad Credit Can Change Your Life lovely Savings Secured Visa Platinum Card from State Department Federal Transportation
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Keeping credit card accounts open even if you’re not using them can be a good strategy for retaining a long credit history. If you cancel old credit cards, you could shorten your credit history and hurt your credit score. However, it may not be a good idea to keep a credit card open if it has an annual fee and you’re not using it.
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