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Databases Once you’ve signed up, you can see your credit scores and view the information contained on the reports. Generally speaking, the entries on the different reports will be the same, but not always. For a variety of reasons credit reports are rarely identical.
That s my problem… anyone have any answers why this happened to me? You can increase your score using the steps shown above, but they are not necessarily easy. If that prospect bothers you, blame William Fair and Earl Isaac, the founders of the credit scoring system. They were the mathematical engineers who devised the first credit-monitoring system in 1956.
A good credit repair company will first pull your credit reports from each of the three major credit reporting agencies to pinpoint your credit issues. Why all three? Because each credit reporting agency has its own “data furnishers” (aka lenders, credit card companies, debt collectors, etc.), who report your credit information to them. And there may be errors that appear on one of your credit reports, but don’t appear on the others
Lost and Stolen Items Pondal86’s reply was:     A good credit repair company will never promise a “300-point jump in your scores!” — In fact, that’s illegal. They’ll be upfront about what they can do and will take payment after they’ve delivered.
To begin improving your credit score, you should aim to keep your credit card balances on the lower end along with any other type of revolving credit you may have. You should also begin the task of paying down your debt rather than moving it around, and you shouldn’t close any unused credit cards because you are looking for a “quick fix” strategy to improve your credit scores.
What I did was never go above 20% utilization and always payed my bills the same day the bill was processed and mailed. Next on my plate is to get my credit limits up to give myself more breathing room.
VantageScore® is owned by VantageScore Solutions, LLC. The Rule of 78s The damage to your score starts when your utilization rate goes over 30%. If you spend $500 a month with the same card, your credit utilization soars to 50%. That is an indication to credit agencies that you are taking on more debt than you can afford, thus your credit score drops.
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625 People Helped TIP: Keep track of spending. Is there a direct line between my credit score and the interest rates I’ll get from lenders? The first step to improving your credit score is checking your credit reports. Everyone has three credit reports — one from each of the 3 major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Credit reports can, and often do, have mistakes on them.
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Get tips for managing debt You may end up paying more in interest with this method, since you aren’t focusing on high-interest loans, but it feels really good to see those credit accounts drop off your list quickly and can motivate you to keep going.
4. Decide if you want to play the game some credit repair companies play. Apps At the end of the day, of course, the easiest way to fix the credit damage wrought by missed payments, is to avoid having missed payments in the first place. While this is more challenging when the budget is tight, it isn’t always impossible. And since your payment history is 35% of your credit score, it can be worth any trouble.

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